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Impressive, definitely impressive.

I really like Brazilian music!  This reminds of the DVD Pablo Fagundes gave me a few years ago. Great DVD by the way.


Big thanks for the information. Much interesting. Obviously this is a very demanding music. Your explanation confirms what my (wooden) ears suggested (that the part near the end is tricky pitch wise).  I think you’re right : it is worth playing it with the same harp as the rest of the tune. The example of some great players has confirmed it was feasible, even if that does require a lot of work. I’m working on this myself : I’m currently learning to play Dorian in the 12 keys. Very interesting exercice, which has a big positive impact on my playing in general.

By the way, as most people probably know, the Lydian tuning (with an F# in 5 draw on a C harp, also called Country tuning if i’m right) is really, really interesting for chromatic playing. It provides symmetry in the middle octave and is a big plus to play in sharp keys, really. 


I’m glad you know and like Planet Harmonica. It’s been 12 years without any update, but the big news is that we’re coming back soon! The « first episode of the new season » is being translated in english and should be released soon. This release has a strong focus on the Next Gen diatonic harmonica and Jazz. We are now thinking of the next episode, where we would like to talk about other musics (Brazilian, Celtic).


Got to go back to woodshedding :)

Thanks again and have a nice day





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Thanks so much Laurent! Much obliged. I'm a longtime fan of Planet Harmonica. You do really fantastic stuff there!

I played it on a standard Richter-tuned harmonica in the key of G. The song follows a typical choro form of AABBACCA, where the A sections are in E minor (4th position), B sections in G major (1st position), and C sections in E major (4th position). Obviously the C section is the trickiest, and I was tempted to switch to another harp, but the fast moving piece doesn't leave much time for a harp switch, so I tried to make it work in 4th position. On most of the repeats, the third A especially, I did some variations to try to keep it interesting. The real choro masters would improvise but that's far beyond my qualifications! This is challenging music due to the steady stream of notes demanding tight time like bluegrass, bebop, etc. But the payoff after long woodshedding is that it's fun to play! 





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Hey, very good stuff! Impressive.
Would you give us some informations about the tune (key, scales)?

Congratulations and thanks for the sharing!
www.planetharmonica.com <http://www.planetharmonica.com> 

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Hey there harpers--

I've been plugging away on this challenging choro tune. Let me know what you think:


Cheers (with caipirinhas),


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