[Harp-L] Laurent Maur tries MIDI Harmonica for the First Time

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Wed Feb 22 06:24:41 EST 2017

Stephen wrote “Very cool...I've noticed a lot of the sounds you guys are choosing have a lot of delay and long releases.”


This is a specialist sound bank for wind controllers, and I agree all the patches have too much reverb/delay. However it takes time to change the settings of each one; Laurent was just trying sounds and ideas in the moment and I didn't want to stop the flow by interrupting him and going into menus etc. 


But your point is valid. This is just one tiny selection of all the millions of patches out there that can be configured for breath control. The good thing is that each patch can be adjusted by the user for many parameters including reverb and delay - if you have the time to do it.


Once you get your DM48 I’m sure you’ll find an exact emulation of that tasty Donald Fagan patch you highlighted :)



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