[Harp-L] The One Harmonica to Rule Them All?

Bob Loomis miltloomis@xxxxx
Sat Feb 11 13:01:39 EST 2017

Thanks so much for sharing that vid, Brendan! This looks like a dream instrument! A stupid question  (of which there are none): Are the synth samples that you use on this harp stored in memory in the harp so that you can play directly to P.A. or amp in performance or do you have to run it through a laptop or some such? Being somewhat technologically challenged, I'm curious. Looked on the Web site but didn't see that addressed though I didn't read all the support material links. Thought someone else might be wondering, too. Thanks in advance!
Bob LoomisConcord CA USA 
on Sat, 11 Feb 2017 Brendan Power Wrote:

"I'm honoured to be beta-testing the Lekholm DM48, the VERY impressive new
MIDI harmonica invented by Sweden's Erik Lekholm. For those who have not
seen it, here is the video of my exploration to date:


The DM48 is a work-in-progress, and Erik has been responding quickly to
every niggle or request I send him. Without exception, he quickly fixes
issues or adds features I ask for in the on-board menus." (snip)


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