[Harp-L] David Naiditch new CD "Bluegrass that Swings" reviewed

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Fri Feb 10 19:08:34 EST 2017

I can see the postman from my front window, recently he left a promising 
package. These are usually  for my wife, however this one was for me. 
David Naiditch's new CD, "Bluegrass that Swings".

The bluegrass harmonica community is small, perhaps that's why I'm on 
his mailing list. David has been been prolific, three bluegrass tune 
CDs, a gypsy jazz one, all with great players. However nothing like the 
team for this one.

Rob Ickes, on dobro, has won the International Bluegrass Music 
Association dobro player of the year 15 times. I saw him in Australia 
last year, he gets my vote too. Sierra Hull is on mandolin. In her early 
twenties, she burst on to the scene a decade ago as a young prodigy, and 
is arguably the finest player of her generation. These guys are the 
backup crew.

Somehow, incredibly, David got Stuart Duncan to play fiddle on the 
entire album. In the crowded world of top class bluegrass fiddlers, 
Stuart Duncan has been head and shoulders above for a generation. He is 
one of my favorite musicians, heard with Bela Fleck, the Nashville 
Bluegrass Band and elsewhere.

David easily mixes with this cast, his chromatic is strong and assured. 
He leads many of the tunes, including bluegrass standards like Roanoke 
and East Tennessee Blues. As the title suggests,  the CD covers swing 
territory, with tunes like All of Me. Here David unwinds his jazz chops, 
with a series of stunning variations.

Favorite moment? David Naiditch trading fours with Stuart Duncan on 
Sweet Georgia Brown, answering each challenge with panache.

This is perhaps the best bluegrass harmonica CD ever. It's available on 
CD Baby, at https://www.cdbaby.com/cd/davidnaiditch5

Buy it.

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