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That was an incredible video.... !!!    Thanks for sharing it with me.   Personally, I spend my time trying (trying and trying) to learn Blues, but surely appreciate your fine playing of blue-grass.   Greg:   Do you tongue-block as you play (which is what I'm trying hard to do)?   I'm enjoying tongue-blocking, but your notes are so very clean, I wonder the technique, so that I can continue to focus more directly.   Thanks, Leonard

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After watching and listening to Tony Eyers play Whiskey Before Breakfast at
least 100 times, I set out to learn it myself.

It is a work in progress and I still have a long way to go to learn this
difficult song.

I say in the video caption that I am using Melody Maker, but actually I am
using major cross. The bent notes were just not quite working for me so I
re-tuned them after seeing some material on major cross tuning that Tony
put out.


Naturally if this tuning is something you want to try, I sell them in the
Seydel line.
I can easily tune it back to standard RICHTER or Country Tuning if it
doesn't suit you.

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