[Harp-L] NEW ALBUM: Sketches in Blue

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Well spotted Winslow, that's the AsiaBend on 'Wayfaring Stranger'. I find it works well on moody American and Celtic folk ballads. You can get closer to the melismatic singing of such greats as Ralph Stanley with the AsiaBend. 

Most of the other tracks are played on the Lucky 13. You should be able to hear on the video how I dip down into the extra lower octave from time to time. It's great for accompanying singers, as you can stay out of the vocal range whilst playing behind them.


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Di I hear the AsiaBend at the beginning of the video clip?
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I have new album just out, a relaxed Americana/Blues collection recorded
live at home with my good friend Joe Jones (guitar/vocals/foot stomp). 

Hear sample clips on the video:


MP3 dowloads: 



<http://www.brendan-power.com/> www.brendan-power.com


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