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Jerry Deall jdeall@xxxxx
Mon Aug 28 10:36:56 EDT 2017

Before I had heard of this issue I bought a few Manji's online which were cheap and came direct from Japan. They took a long time in coming and I could see from the packaging that they may have been held up in customs. Fake, no not by my definition. They are real Suziki harps and not fake and look just like my others. The harps have worked as well as any of my other Manjis. 

That being said I won't buy anymore this way for two reasons. 
1. I have had Suzuki warranty a harp that lost a reed right away and they were great about it. I support great business '.
2. For the same reason I won't play music for free. It hurts the pro musicians that need to make a living by playing. If I play for free it devalues the everyone else's efforts to make a living by playing music. 

Also, I don't know of they have any other issues,  such as being counterfeit or stolen. And I do not buy stolen music equipment of any type. 

Jerry Deall
SPAH Secretary 

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Has ​anyone you know​ bought a Suzuki harp from an unauthorized seller?
Did they receive a "doorstop" fake, or a genuine Suzuki harmonica?

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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