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Mon Aug 21 17:30:28 EDT 2017

David Herzhaft wrote: 
"In order to make sure it does all notes are tested meaning that there is no way a Torpedo would be sent out if the overblows and overblows won't play
when tested" 

"What if you can get overblow 5 and 6 but not 1, 4 or 9 ? This is most likely due to technique."

"Remarks on the date / signature : each reedplate is dated (date it was tested and approved) and signed"

David, I was one who took the time to review your Harmo Torpedo harp here on Harp-L, including a link to your website with an accompanying suggestion that people go there just to hear examples of your excellent playing. I admit that I had not spent a lot of time playing it before I posted my review.  I only compare it to my favorite harps, customized by one of the very best in the business. Your harp is about 4 times cheaper than what I paid for these harps, so I was anxious to give yours a try. I'm confident that when I tweak it to my preferences that it will be a great harp, because for me, it's almost there already. Thanks.
 I wish you great success in your business endeavor and it's nice to hear of your confidence and willingness to "optimize" your harps to satisfy personal playing styles.  But, I beg to differ re your first quote above.  I'm a fairly advanced player and stick to my assertion that MY hole 4 OB (key of B harp) doesn't respond (and I assume that you meant hole 9 overdraw - we should be using the term "overbend", huh). It seems to me that my 4 hole blow reed is actually twisted a bit at the free end. I like the harp in general, but as of  yet I've been too busy to get back to tweak my Torpedo to make it play to my own playing style. My Torpedo has been apart on my workbench for a week, I will get to it as soon as I can.
  Out of curiosity re the signature engraved on the blow plate - do you personally tweak each harp?
  Lastly, if a reed ever needs to be replaced, do stock Hohner reeds fit the Harmo Torpedo? If not, where do we get replacement reeds?
  Thanks in advance,
Ron - FL Keys

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