[Harp-L] SPAH 2017 Tulsa Club! A very hospitable bunch

Greg Jones greg@xxxxx
Mon Aug 21 10:26:33 EDT 2017

A big shout out to the Tulsa Route 66 Club.
They were outstanding hosts at SPAH 2017.

There isn't enough that can be said, but it should be known that they did
an outstanding job.

Members were shuttling to and from the airport, constantly checking up on
vendors and seminar presenters and making everyone feel welcome.

On top of all that, their awesome spouses were volunteering at the shows
and taking care of every detail.

The week kicked off with a pre-SPAH party hosted by David Bernston.

Just a big thank you to my neighbors to the north.
It was great seeing old friends and making new ones...

*Greg Jones*
*16:23 Harmonicas*
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