[Harp-L] New and Unique TWIN-DIATONIC HARPS - Demo Videos

bren@xxxxx bren@xxxxx
Fri Aug 18 11:18:34 EDT 2017

The idea of combining two 10-hole harps behind a single mouthpiece is not
new, but it's not easy to get good reed response and has never been done
convincingly - until now. 


After intensive R&D over the past couple of years, I've come up with a
quick-change double-harp assembly that really works. I'm shortly releasing
my ground-breaking Twin-Diatonic harps in a range of interesting options -
check out the two videos to see and hear them all in action.


TWIN-DIATONIC HARPS Part 1 - Octaharp, TremoloHarp, & OctaHarp Selectable



TWIN-DIATONIC HARPS Part 2 - MiniChrom, DoubleHarp Selectable, X-Reed



More info here:


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