[Harp-L] Spiral Tuning

Robert Hale robert@xxxxx
Fri Aug 11 22:07:30 EDT 2017

Let's see if I am on the same page here...

Harp key naming by hole 1 Blow is understandable from the factory point of
view. It is consistent.

Stepping beyond that fact, naming the harp by its fundamental scale is
important to the musician/player.

I play Spirals where the fundamental root tone occurs (lowest) on Draw 2.
This delivers a perfect 8 tone major scale from Draw 2 to Blow 6, exactly
as the Lee Oskar Melody Maker does. (Melody Makers vary from that on up the
harp because they are NOT spiral, but based on modifying the Richter

Important to understand here:
this FEELS like the pattern of playing 2nd position, but it is not, because
this is the fundamental major scale. As such, it is 1st position. I label
my Spiral harps by this criteria.

While the factory may benefit from Hole 1 Blow convention, for Spiral that
is NOT the key center of the harp, Hole 2 Draw is.

You can tool up a harp in any orientation left to right that you want for
spiral. Draw 2 is "home" for me.

How am I doing so far?

Robert Hale
Serious Honkage in Arizona

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