[Harp-L] Greg Heumann's cupping comments

David Pearce harpdog123@xxxxx
Fri Aug 4 09:09:01 EDT 2017

"Outstanding response from Vern! Because? Physics! I would add one other bit of info to the discussion. As a rule, I?ve found harp players underestimate the amount of sound that comes out the FRONT of the harmonica. If you don?t believe it, try completely sealing the rear of your harp with a piece of masking tape.  Good cupping involves using hands and face, as well as an ?as much harp in the mouth as possible? embouchure. I couldn?t come CLOSE to doing this on a chromatic, but the more you can do the better. On a diatonic, it makes the difference between underwhelming  ?wah" effects and great big ?WAH" ones.  This is true whether playing acoustic or amplified."

I agree completely Greg!  This is a silly idea but theoretically I would need to invent a pair of giant hands so that the chromatic player could completely cover the chromatic harmonica in order to duplicate diatonic cupping.  My thinking is that thick leak-proof cover plates with a built in cupping back would help get closer to the diatonic cupping effect.  I've often wondered if the reason a chromatic slide with bigger holes makes the diatonic/chromatic hybrid fatter is because more sound is allowed to come through the front of the harmonica.

David Pearce   

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