[Harp-L] Harmo Torpedo overblow harmonica

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Tue Aug 1 04:21:39 EDT 2017

Bonjour David

I've ordered several things from Harmo.com recently as I plan a review  
of some of the material (David Herzhaft's Encyclopedia of scales) and  
of this brand new overblow harp in the next issue of Planet Harmonica.

This Torpedo is exactly what it claims to be, a harp setup for  
overblows. The modifications are real (far more than just gapping).

The harp is really airtight, the overblows come easily. Even the  
overdraws are easy to obtain (which is more difficult in terms of  
setup). The gaps were a bit low for me (personal taste), so I'm gonna  
open them a little bit, tune the 5 draw to F# (lydian tuning) and this  
harp is gonna be my travel harp and follow me everywhere I go.

In my opinion, definitely a bang for the bucks.
A little disclaimer, I have no affiliation whatsoever with Harmo.com,  
and I've paid my order the regular price. This feedback is based on  
the instrument I've received.


David Pearce via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx> a écrit :

> I just saw this on youtube.  $69.00 for a harmonica set up for overblows?!
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIH72ujn244
> http://harmo.com/product/harmo-torpedo-harmonica-c-overblow-setup/
> Looks very professional.  Does anyone know anything about the  
> company and their harmonicas?
> David Pearce

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