[Harp-L] How I recorded "50 Grand"

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Apr 30 09:46:40 EDT 2017

In my continuing series of posts on the instruments and FX used on my 21st
century rock harp record "The Lucky One," I've posted a piece that
describes the various (seven) harp parts I put on my song "50 Grand," an
epic of money, cheatin', and harmonicas. "50 Grand" is a blues with an
added vamp section, and the piece is dedicated to Charlie Musselwhite and
Little Feat, both of whose influences are clearly audible in the music.


The only harmonica used on this recording is a Seydel Session Steel in Bb
played in 2nd position. The only harp setup used on the recording is an
Audix Fireball V mic into a Digitech RP500 running sounds of my design.
Even with all the harmonica going on in this piece, the essentials of the
arrangement could be managed pretty easily by a band with two harmonica
players, and very easily by a band with three harp players.


Regards, Richard Hunter
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