[Harp-L] Re Video editing

Harping On harping.onandon@xxxxx
Thu Apr 27 13:04:13 EDT 2017

Hi, Don't know if this is of any use but Youtube can trim the start and end of an uploaded video.

First you can upload a video and set it to private 
rather than public to play around with the video before it goes public

Once it's uploaded, 'edit' the video and select 'enhancements', then 'Trim'. 

I usually pause the video which autostarts and then drag the blue bar 
at the start of the video to the point you want the vid to actually start, 
then drag the blue bar at the end of the vid back to where you want the vid to end. 
Next click done and review your changes. 
If you're happy with them click save on the top right if not click 'revert to original' and try again.

Then Change to 'Public' so all can see your vid and save.

BTW There are other features you can utilise in this edit procedure such as adding filters etc., 
Also if you select 'End screen and Annotations' after choosing edit you can add a title to the video 
and add comments etc., which will appear on your video.

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