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<Miscrosoft Movie Maker is a Freebie that does the basics.
Movie Maker : Free Video Editor - Microsoft Store

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Movie Maker : Free Video Editor - Microsoft Store
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Subject: [Harp-L] How to edit simple videos for upload to Youtube?
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I'm trying to advise a friend of mine who is a very talented songwriter on
how to start recording some of his songs for his YouTube channel and begin
to build a large fan base.

I've done some advanced video editing before using Sony Vegas Pro but my
buddy is not going to invest in a sophisticated video editing system and
has marginal tech capabilities.

Basically I'm encouraging him to setup two mics... one for guitar and one
for vocals... and a simple clip on camera to put on top of his monitor...
or a built in laptop camera...

Then record the video... then clip the front and back ends off, save it,
and if he likes it upload it... else just do it again till he likes what he

The question... what simple video editors does everyone use for all these
YouTube videos?

A free one would be nice and Microsoft once had Windows Movie Maker... but
I don't think it is still being updated and maintained by Microsoft...

So, watta you guys suggest?


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