[Harp-L] Questions on Bending/OB/OD and Scales/Music/TAB

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See below:

> On Apr 23, 2017, at 12:55 PM, Leonard Schwartzberg <leonard1 at xxxxx> wrote:
> Arthur/Michael:   Thanks to you and Michael Rubin for the quick reply and
> clarification.   Do you ever overblow (blowbend) 7-10 or only overdraw on
> 7-10?  
You can blow bend *or* overdraw those holes. Completely different results.

>  As to NOTES:   so what you're telling me is to look at the KEY the
> music is written in and (normally, if I want to sight read) merely choose
> the harp of that key, right?
No, I'm not telling you that at all. Assuming the music is written in concert pitch, you need to transpose on the fly to play any other key of harmonica than "C," regardless of the key the piece is in.

>  Or if I want to bluesify (crossharp) the song
> I should pick a harp in the 5 degree i.e. pick a G harp for a C song and
> then sight read the music?
Nope. That doesn't work. You'd need to transpose on the fly if you're playing in second position.

> I will be taking Michael's suggestion to listen to his posted videos (first)
> and then perhaps arrange for private lesson.   Michael, would it help me to
> purchase "Meat/Potatoes" book + CD in addition to viewing your (nearly) 100
> on-line videos?
> Thanks, Leonard
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> Hi Leonard,
> See my answers, below:
>>> .         Bending Draw Notes (I assume that's normal bending on 1-6)
> Yes, that is correct.
>>> .         Bending Blow Notes??
> Yes, you can bend the blow notes on holes 7 through 10 using a similar
> technique to your bends on the draw notes in holes 1 through 6. Note the the
> hole 7 blow bend, like the hole 5 draw bend, will not bend a full semitone.
>>> .         Over Blowing (I assume that's bending while you blow??  1-6 or
>>> other holes?)   Does it raise the pitch?   How does it work and how do I
>>> know when the note is hit?   How to do it?
>>> .         Over Bends ???  (raise/lower pitch?   How to do it?)
>>> .         Over Draws ???     "         "              "              "
>>> "
> Overblows raise the pitch on blow holes 1-6; overdraws raise the pitch on
> draw holes 7-10. "Overbend" is another term for both techniques. 
> These are advanced techniques that involve choking the reed played while
> finessing the other reed in the chamber to sound at a higher pitch. Skilled
> overbenders can play complete chromatic scales on diatonic harmonicas.
>>> .         Bent Notes (I assume same as Bending Blow Notes?)
> Any note played "bent".
>>> .         Draw Bends ??? same as Bending Draw Notes?
> Yep.
>>> Next topic:   Scales...
>>>               Scale Degrees (on C.. 1=C; 2=D; 3=E, etc)?
> Yep.
>>>               Harmonica TAB (1+ 2 2'', etc. as per music)
> Not sure what this question means.
>>>               Notes on staff (EGBDF, FACE... but when changing harp to A
>>> HARP, do we still read the notes as EGBDF, etc.?   or, if reading music,
> do
>>> we need to transpose in our head?)
> Notes on the staff usually describe "concert pitch" (unless they are written
> for a transposing instrument such as trumpet). If you want to play in the
> key written on a different key harp, you need to transpose on the fly. If
> you're playing alone, you could just play as written and have the piece come
> out in a different key.
>>>               Notes on scale (cdefgabc) but when changing harp (let's
> say
>>> to A harp), once again, how to sight read the notes?   Or do we need to
>>> write down the scale degrees? Or the TAB? Or??)
> See previous question.
>>> Lots of questions, all somewhat related, but need to really CLARIFY 
>>> what I'm playing so that the learning process becomes more directive, 
>>> effective, and
>>> clear.   Thanks, Leonard
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