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Sébastien Frémal sebastien.fremal@xxxxx
Fri Apr 14 14:02:19 EDT 2017

Hi Lynn !

On Youtube, you can find Adam Gussow :
His videos are orietanded towards beginners, intermatied and professionals.
You can also find Jason Ricci :
His videos are more orientated for advanced beginner and so on... but it
may be interesting to see what you can do with a harmonica so you can
choose the path you want to follow ;)
There are a lot of other great professional players who do Youtube video
lessons, but I personally used lessons from Ricci and Gussow :)

Then you can find the website of David Barrett :
==> this site is a gold mine for all players. A huge amount of lessons,
taking you from nothing to a professional harmonicist, and a lot of
interviews of great harmonicists explaining their skills and their way to
think the harmonica.

I started with those sources, but I finally got a teacher when I wanted to
learn harmony and other theoretical notions applied on harmonica. Teachers
are really great because you don't waste hours looking for answers to your
question on youtube (and sometimes you don't find answers ^^).

Happy harpîng !!

Sébastien Frémal

2017-04-14 16:36 GMT+02:00 The Iceman via Harp-L <harp-l at xxxxx>:

> techniques and styles of teaching them differ from resource to resource.
> if you are in SE GA, I do teach and offer the most accelerated and
> comprehensible approach to diatonic harmonica...
> Otherwise, feel free to browse the internet and see what's out there
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> Newby question.  Is there an online tutorial on the different techniques,
> I.e bends etc. of the harmonica?

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