[Harp-L] HARMONICA & BUTTON-BOX: New Album with Tim Edey

Brendan Power bren@xxxxx
Tue Apr 11 19:02:21 EDT 2017

There was a thread here recently about the harmonica and accordion duets. My
new album with Tim Edey is just that: mouth-harp and squeeze-box, recorded


The Harmonica and Irish Button-box share much in common: their sound is made
by air passing through metal free-reeds, they both use an in-out air
direction to activate the reeds, and their tuning layout is quite similar.
But it's in the differences that the beauty of this unique combination lies.
The box's large steel reeds make it considerably louder, it employs a
powerful bellows action, and can also generate bass and chord accompaniment
- which is very limited on the moothie. But where the harmonica loses out in
sheer power it gains in expression - notably the ability to bend notes. The
blend of these two types of free-reed instrument is a perfect example of the
old adage: "The Whole is Greater than the Sum of the Parts."


Go here to listen to clips:




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