[Harp-L] teaching Asperger adult

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Try a set of Hohner Piedmont Blues Harmonicas in keys of A, Bb, C, D, E, F and G that costs less than $30 at a variety of on line stores.

They are good entry level harps with plastic covers.

For about $10 more, you can buy 7 Hohner Blues Band harps in the same keys. Both sets come with a nice zipper case.

Hope this helps.

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Hunting around on eBay I've come across some custom harmonicas with wood plates. Pricey but may be your answer.

> On Apr 4, 2017, at 12:40 AM, Robert Hale <robert at xxxxx> wrote:
> I have a new beginning student who does not want to play harps with metal
> coverplates.
> What options are there?
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