[Harp-L] various harps for sale

Hannes Schneider hannes.schneider.23@xxxxx
Wed Sep 28 03:54:36 EDT 2016

I am selling a couple of special harps, all of them are in excellent
condition and have been used very little.

- Huang Chordet 20, Edim7 chord retuned to E7 following a suggestion by
Tony Eyers 80$
- Suzuki Chord 56 200$
- Hohner Marine Band 364 in C, nails converted to screws by a local harp
technician 35$
- Suzuki SUB30 in Am harmonic with OverValve Plate bought from Brendan
Power 35$
- Suzuki BR21 Baritone Tremolo in C and C#, both for 90$ (not sold
- Hohner CX12 black in C, with spare reedplates Tenor C 100$

- shipping starts at 13$ Europe, 18$ overseas, track and trace available
- payment only by PayPal
- may accept lower offers, also discount available if you buy more then one

contact me offlist if interested

regards, Hannes

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