[Harp-L] RP500 setups for "The Lucky One"

Richard Hunter turtlehill@xxxxx
Fri Sep 23 11:11:38 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I put together a lot of customized sounds for the Digitech RP500 for my upcoming record "The Lucky One."  A number of those sounds are specifically designed to work together in a loop, i.e. they've been engineered to fill in the audio spectrum without clashing.  Other sounds were just set up to be as striking as possible--the kind of sounds that make people turn their heads to see what the hell is making that racket on stage.  

These sounds will be made available at no charge once the record is released to any Huntersounds RP500 licensee who purchased the patchset license on or after September 2016, which is the vast majority of licensees. Any licensees who purchased prior to that date can get the "lucky One" patchset for $15.  

If you're considering buying the RP500 patchset now, please note that anyone who buys a license for my RP500 patchset between now and the date the record is released will get a copy of the "lucky one" set too.  If you'd like to get a download of the record with those sounds, I'm offering an mp3 download along with the patchset as one of the perks for contributors to the Indiegogo project for this record; just check out the URL below.

As always, thanks to all Huntersounds licensees for contributing to the development of these sounds, which (if I may say so) are a treasure trove for harmonica players on stage and in studio.  I'll talk to my producer about putting a few clips from the "Lucky One" sessions up on my site by way of illustration.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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