[Harp-L] Simethicone

David Pearce harpdog123@xxxxx
Thu Sep 22 23:20:29 EDT 2016

Robert Hale, Here's some info that I found regarding semithicone.  If it's being used as a lubricant on blood filters I would think that it would be safe to make a slide more slippery.  A similar chemical, dimethicone is used in silicone based sexual lubricants.  I don't know if semithicone  would stick to a stainless steel slide in the same way it did to the floor, but it's an intriguing concept worth investigating.  If you can get in touch with Jim Antaki he would know the answer. (www.turboharp.com) 

"Some silicone oils, such as simethicone, are potent anti-foaming agents due to their low surface tension. They are used in industrial applications such as distillation or fermentation, where excessive amounts of foam can be problematic. They are sometimes added to cooking oils to prevent excessive frothing during deep frying. Silicone oils used as lubricants can be inadvertent defoamers (contaminants) in processes where foam is desired, such as in the manufacture of polyurethane foam.
Silicone oil is also one of the two main ingredients in Silly Putty, along with boric acid."

David Pearce  

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