[Harp-L] Removing Saxony reedplates

Ben Bouman ben@xxxxx
Thu Sep 15 17:40:33 EDT 2016

You have tot remove the mouthpiece to be able to remove the reedplates. Ben
Bouman  www.benboumanharmonicas.com

Op donderdag 15 september 2016 heeft Sheltraw <macaroni9999 at xxxxx> het
volgende geschreven:

> I haven't yet removed the reedplates from my Saxony chromatic but today I
> want to do so. Can/should the reedplates be removed without removing the
> mouthpiece and slider apparatus? The Saxony has that special back plate to
> the slider system that overhangs the reedplates unlike other chromatics.
> Daniel
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Kindest regards, met vriendelijke groet , Ben Bouman

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