[Harp-L] ElectroHarmonix MEL9 Mellotron

Robert Hale robert@xxxxx
Tue Sep 13 17:15:02 EDT 2016

and with your encouragement, Richard, I play the RP355 an octave down
sometimes thru the Mel9.
My best new sound is envelope follower (FX25) from the RP, plus strings
from the Mel9.

I am hired to fill in for a keyboard player in a 5 pc 60's band. I will
shoot video and share.


On Tue, Sep 13, 2016 at 10:51 AM, Richard Hunter <turtlehill at xxxxx>

> Hi all,
> I read with interest Robert Hale's recent comments on the ElectroHarmonix
> MEL9 Mellotron emulator.

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