[Harp-L] Feedback on our IBC set (please)

William Lifford william.lifford@xxxxx
Wed Sep 14 07:31:37 EDT 2016

Hi Harp-L'ers,

This was our set from the Long Island Blues Society qualifying event for
the IBC. Unfortunately, we lost by a cat's whisker (4 points out of
something like 700 total points - there were 7 judges, all using IBC
criteria) and it still stings a bit.

Rob Europe, the guitarist, wrote all of the songs and we were really proud
of how our set turned out. On the video I think the harmonica sounds a
little low in the mix and a little tinny, but there's not much I can do
about that now!  On stage, the monitor mix was awesome... I was actually
concerned the harp might be too lout out front, but that wasn't the case
(as you can hear).

Any advice you might have on how to advise the sound guy on mic/board
settings for live acoustic harp would be greatly appreciated.

I thought I'd post this clip up here for two reasons:

*A.* I'd like to get your feedback on it and your suggestions as to what we
could be doing better, and

*B.* To thank the guy who was nice enough to film/post the clip to YouTube.
Mike Osip is a fantastic chronicler (is that even a word?) of Long Island
live music and cultural happenings, and he gives blues artists a lot of
love. So a lot of views would be a nice "thank you" to him.

Please note that the clip doesn't show our talking in between songs where
we let them know that these were all original tunes.

Also, I'm a big boy; I can take any criticism you have! :) But if you think
we sucked or anything, please tell us why so we can make efforts to improve.

The YouTube link is here:  *Rob Europe & Harmonica Bill - IBC qualifier*

I'm going to try to embed it into the email here:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="
https://www.youtube.com/embed/BM7r98R35zM" frameborder="0"

Hopefully that'll work.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any advice you can give!

Bill Lifford

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