[Harp-L] Jim Fitting and Great Shakes by Session Americana

Tony Eyers tony@xxxxx
Fri Sep 9 22:31:14 EDT 2016

Upon arrival at college in the US, I was entranced by the musicians 
playing outdoors amongst the Frisbees. One day I remember well, this guy 
arrived at jam with his harmonicas, and took over. It was Jim Fitting.

I became part of his circle, and loved his band, along with everyone 
else. Paul Kolderie was on bass, together with Shaun Slade they set up 
Fort Apache Studio in Boston post college. They did well.

Jim is still in Boston, over the years he has sent me recordings of his 
band, Session Americana. I've loved every note of Jim's harmonica, plus 
the gritty vocal style he developed later years. The other tracks seemed 
to come from different albums, given the widely different vocal and song 
writing styles of the various Session Americana members.

So. Last week Jim sent me their latest album, "Great Shakes". In keeping 
with the times, it arrived as a download.

It's startlingly good.

The disparate vocals now blend superbly. Americans always sing well, 
these guys are a cut above. Jim's harmonica covers the classic styles, 
acoustic, amplified, chromatic, his parts blend effortlessly with the 
various songs. Almost as if the mixer, Paul Q Kolderie, has known Jim 
forever. Which he has.

On "Great Shakes", Session Americana sound like every band I've liked. 
It's available on iTunes, also on CD Baby, at 

Tony Eyers
...everyone plays

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