[Harp-L] Crate 60D for harp and vocals???

Michael D'Aurizio mdaurizio@xxxxx
Fri Sep 9 11:55:41 EDT 2016

   I have a semi acoustic Blues gig tonight at a restaurant with an extremely small space for set up, and will require very low volumes. It will be a three piece, amplified acoustic guitar, bass guitar, and myself on vocals, and harp. I have zero experience in this setting. My normal gigs are five piece band, full P.A., and Sonny JR. amp. I have the option of using a Crate 60D acoustic amp for vocals, and harp. Or bringing my Mackie 808, and one 12" monitor wedge for vocals, and harp. That's all that space will allow. Any opinions on which set up would work best? I was thinking of using one channel for vocals, and a clean harp sound, and another channel with a Lone Wolf Harp Attack pedal, and J.T. 30 for a dirtier sound. So...
Option 1: Crate amp. Vocal Mic through the vocal channel for acoustic harp, and vocals. And, pedal and J.T.30 through the instrument channel.

Option 2: Mackie 808. Vocals through one channel, and acoustic harp through same mic. A second channel with the Lone Wolf pedal, and J.T.30

Any advice, or experience would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance for your input.

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