[Harp-L] yet another Bluesette

jon kip jon@xxxxx
Mon Sep 5 21:42:39 EDT 2016

Just to set the record straight, and because I want to keep the last tiny bit of self-esteem intact, if only in my imagination.... the "wrong" note that you'll get that Starbucks Reward for, was in the score, in the ensemble part, not in the audio.....The instrument I used had one of Brendan's combs on it, the Adult-Blue coloured one....which, as guaranteed by the maker, would not allow wrong notes to pass by.

If you want similar, or best case, superior, results, go to Brendan's site and order the "Computer-Generated Comb" with the Patented Note Filter Attachment. It's not easy to spot, but it's there. The stock color is best. 


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