[Harp-L] Musicians Swap Meet 9/10/16

Peter Sheridan jukejelly@xxxxx
Mon Sep 5 20:13:06 EDT 2016

On Saturday, September 10, I will be a vendor at the Musicians Swap Meet
held at Renninger's Market in Kutztown, PA. This is the final such affair
for the Summer and should draw well if the weather cooperates. Vendors set
up in a large pavilion that is open on all sides and there is plenty of
free parking, as well as access to a large building featuring a variety of
products from the local farming community, as well as a variety of food

I will have numerous harp-related items for sale at reasonable prices,
including a wide variety of harp mics. a selection of vintage harps
(including some pre-war models), plus books, mic parts, CDs, LPs and
cassettes. I will also have a good selection of vintage guitars, amps,
effects, tubes, speakers, guitar parts and hard to find accessories.

Admission is free and local harpers and guitarists are welcome to stop by
and check out the goods. You may find something you want, even if you don't
need it, and suffer from G.A.S (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)!

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