[Harp-L] Bass harmonica mics

Lew Aldridge lewis.aldridge@xxxxx
Mon Oct 31 04:33:40 EDT 2016

I use elecret mics for both chromatic and diatonic.  They give a good clean sound so if you want to add grit you will need an effects unit or EQ it at the amp.  Make sure you use unidirectional mics as omni's gave me severe feedback problems.  I have used cheap from the net and more expensive capsules and the difference, if any, is negligible.  There are plenty of units complete with battery 'can' available on the internet at very cheap prices - they work fine.

I have a simple pre-amp and monitor box I made myself that clips on my belt and sends to the PA via a guitar bug wireless connection.

Unfortunately combining a number of mics into one output is not simply a matter of connecting them together.  They will interfere and ruin the sound.  They have to go into a summing circuit which mixes the output (yes thats all a basic mixer is).  The circuit can be quite small and simple and there are plenty of diagrams on the internet.  I haven't yet made one myself but I hope to do so soon as a winter project is to internally mic a Melodica and that will need at least three mics.

If you can get a good sound  with just a single mic I'd stick with that.  BTW I use a 16 hole chromatic and a single electret mic without any problems with sound variance.  

Hope this helps

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