[Harp-L] Tsunami or Strnad microphones for bass harmonica?

Vern jevern@xxxxx
Sat Oct 29 19:17:43 EDT 2016

> On Oct 29, 2016, at 3:35 PM, Matthew Bullis <matthewbullisaz at xxxxx> wrote:
> Hello, so I've been doing some Googling around, and find that there are at least two microphones specifically for harmonica. The descriptions say that they fit best with standard ten-hole diatonics. I've not been able to determine whether the microphone is a shell that slips over the harmonicas, or whether it clips onto the slots in the back. I'd really like to amplify my new bass harmonica more than my Lee Oscars for most things. If these two models won't actually work because they won't attach to a big Swan bass harmonica, then would a flute microphone work? My friend has used a flute mic to amplify certain high notes in his autoharp playing. If I do need to use another microphone, it probably would have an XLR at its end, so hopefully there's a converter to make the XLR into a 1/4 guitar cord plug.
> Thanks for any help.
> Matthew

See the AMT HR3 or HR3R http://www.appliedmicrophone.com/hardwired/ <http://www.appliedmicrophone.com/hardwired/>
It is specifically for  a chromatic harmonica.  You would probably have to modify or make brackets to hold it on your bass harmonica,  

Suzuki makes a microphone for their bass harmonica http://harpdepot.com/index1.html?304.html&1 <http://harpdepot.com/index1.html?304.html&1>. Pricey at $600!

I have seen neck racks to hold microphones behind bass harmonicas.  Probably your cheapest option and not to difficult to make if you are handy with tools. A piece of plywood that sits on your chest with a short mike stand and shoulder straps.

The Sternad would be difficult mechanically because it has an integral clamp that grabs the covers of the harmonica..

I never heard of the Tsunami unless you refer to the Suzuki.


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