[Harp-L] Cleaning of Chromatic Harmonicas - Seydel Perspective

Gary Lehmann gnarlyheman@xxxxx
Fri Oct 28 10:13:16 EDT 2016

I agree--if you need to clean the valves on your chromatic, remove the
plates from the comb and put them into a shallow pan of water (I have been
using hydrogen peroxide as well, and then rinsing, but don't do that if you
have misgivings, it's just what been working for me on occasion).

On Fri, Oct 28, 2016 at 7:05 AM, Greg Jones <greg at xxxxx>

> I'm reading the comments about how to clean chromatic harmonicas.
> The comments are a perfect example of how good people and good friends can
> disagree.
> I would NOT recommend a full dunk of a Seydel chromatic harmonica in any
> circumstance.
> It is my understanding that some do this, but to be clear, I think it is a
> bad idea and furthermore it is unnecessary.
> As the Seydel warranty technician, I have received several inquiries from
> disappointed Seydel chromatic owners who have tried this and had their
> valves curl or become damaged.
> I'm speaking for Seydel in this matter.  If you fully dunk your Seydel
> chromatic, Seydel will not honor a warranty request if there is apparent
> damage to the valves.
> My Seydel approved price for re-valving the entire Seydel chromatic could
> run as high $50 plus return shipping if the chromatic has been fully dunked
> in any liquid.
> Once again, skilled technicians - like any other professionals - can
> disagree. This will go down as one of those instances.
> Please do not fully dunk your Seydel chromatic with the valves attached.
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