[Harp-L] Cleaning Plastic Comb Chromatics

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Wed Oct 26 13:59:16 EDT 2016

Hi Bob. Don't do it! You will undoubtedly ruin or lose some of the valves on an old harp like that even if you do take it apart. 
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---- Bob Marsolais <bob at xxxxx> wrote: 
> It's a 25 year old Hohner C260 10 hole with a pearwood comb.  I'm getting back into the harp and it tastes sour.  I've ordered one of Brandon Power's plastic combs to replace the pearwood comb.  I know I can't clean a wood comb other than brush it out - at least I don't know how.  I like to know how to take care of it once I replace the comb.
> Thanks,
> Bob

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