[Harp-L] beatles harmonica trivia, interesting!!!

Randy Singer randy@xxxxx
Sat Oct 22 00:11:57 EDT 2016

I found this, as a 100% harmonica man and Beatle fan to be FASCINATING.

Especially the part where he stole the harmonica used on the song!! 
I do not legitimize petty theft……but this was a real good reason to do it. 
What a song, part of our great harmonica legacy!!!!



Why did Paul McCartney sing lead vocal on the Beatles first single LOVE ME DO, instead of ohn Lennon who was originally the lead vocalist?
Before they recorded this, Lennon always sang the lead vocal, but when his harmonica part was added, McCartney had to sing it because Lennon's mouth was full of harmonica. Paul claims that you can hear the fear in his voice at the audition.
John stole the harmonica used in this song in a music shop in Arnhem, a Dutch town near to the German border, while the Beatles were on their way to Hamburg.
Lennon's lips went numb from playing the harmonica at session. He was trying to sound like Delbert McClinton.

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