[Harp-L] How to easily memorize Songs/Licks?

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Yes..... that's also a great idea.   Perhaps combining your method but starting from the last chorus and work my way forward (12 bar), should knock the tune (eventually) in my head.   Just hope I'm not sick of the song by that time and merely want the next song-challenge.   I think once I learn the basic song, however, the fun can then begin, by bending parts, slapping, etc.... should be able to make real rock'n'roll blues.   Thanks, Leonard

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For me the only  way to memorize is to learn one song at a time. after a reasonable amount of time, flip over or get rid of the sheet music and try to play it by memory. hear the melody or the words in your head and play  making mistakes and correcting your mistakes. 
Start from the beginning and play as much as you can by memory, then add to it each session. I think the act of being in the moment and playing by memory and correcting yourself speeds up the memorizing process plus it really helps you to build confidence and get to know your harmonica and where to find all the notes on it. Might not work with everyone but has worked for me and many students.

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