[Harp-L] How to easily memorize Songs/Licks?

Leonard Schwartzberg leonard1@xxxxx
Wed Oct 12 10:40:44 EDT 2016

Good morning fellow HARPERS:

Thanks so very much for all your comments, tips, directions, hints, and
corrections to my "sticking keys" query.    As you know, I'm a
beginner/intermediate Harper and practice a lot.   I'm 64 years old, and aim
to play the Blues, primarily tongue blocking.   Harping is a super enjoyable

No matter how often I practice a song, I don't seem to be able to memorize
it.  Although I'm a smart guy, I always seem to need to "cheat" and look at
the TAB.   What tricks, suggestions, tools, do you use to remember the songs
or licks?  Can you play on-stage with a "cheat sheet" or the full song in
front of you?   Is it merely a matter of me playing the song/lick many more
times?   Occasionally, I will totally remember a song/lick and then play
something different for a few days, then when I come back to the original
song/lick that I've remembered, I realize I've forgotten it.   Look forward
to your help.

Thanks, Leonard


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