[Harp-L] bass and chord harps, orchestras, and recommendation of half arch harp holder.

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Tue Oct 11 14:19:24 EDT 2016

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On Tuesday, October 11, 2016, Matthew Bullis <matthewbullisaz at xxxxx>

> Hello, I'm back on the list after quite a while. I've been on maybe
> two times before over the past fifteen years in Phoenix. For my
> birthday, my brother got me the half arch harp holder from
> www.FootDrums.com
> They're a family owned company who make foot operated drums and a few
> other things. They have a side note harp holder, but the half arch
> model is more deluxe. You dial in the desired harp distance, and I got
> the magnet to where you can add another harp onto it to play at the
> same time. There's also another magnet down below on the side so you
> can store one out of the way. Also, this rack folds flat enough so
> that I can store it in the Hohner C12 harp carrying case. That's the
> one which holds 12 harps plus a chromatic one. I've given the main web
> site link to Farmer Foot Drums so you can look at all of their other
> products. I also ordered a Swan bass harp and a chord harmonica, since
> they sound interesting. I've been listening to a lot of harmonica
> orchestra records. I have several Harmonicats records, two Johnny
> Puleo, and one called Happy Harmonica. Maybe there aren't many modern
> harmonica orchestras around, but if so I'd like to know about them.
> Thanks,
> Matthew


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