[Harp-L] bass and chord harps, orchestras, and recommendation of half arch harp holder.

Matthew Bullis matthewbullisaz@xxxxx
Tue Oct 11 13:09:58 EDT 2016

Hello, I'm back on the list after quite a while. I've been on maybe
two times before over the past fifteen years in Phoenix. For my
birthday, my brother got me the half arch harp holder from
They're a family owned company who make foot operated drums and a few
other things. They have a side note harp holder, but the half arch
model is more deluxe. You dial in the desired harp distance, and I got
the magnet to where you can add another harp onto it to play at the
same time. There's also another magnet down below on the side so you
can store one out of the way. Also, this rack folds flat enough so
that I can store it in the Hohner C12 harp carrying case. That's the
one which holds 12 harps plus a chromatic one. I've given the main web
site link to Farmer Foot Drums so you can look at all of their other
products. I also ordered a Swan bass harp and a chord harmonica, since
they sound interesting. I've been listening to a lot of harmonica
orchestra records. I have several Harmonicats records, two Johnny
Puleo, and one called Happy Harmonica. Maybe there aren't many modern
harmonica orchestras around, but if so I'd like to know about them.

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