[Harp-L] Spit in Seydel Session Steel

Leonard Schwartzberg leonard1@xxxxx
Wed Oct 5 19:37:41 EDT 2016

Skip, Larry, Eddie, et al:    Thanks so much for your quick help on this
problem.   I too, love my STEELS.   I'll surely store my harps with the open
side down from now on.   I'll tilt my head up as I play, perhaps reducing
the spit, and giving me a better sound.   Will run water through them and
tap the water out after.   Skip, I looked carefully at my Harps, by the way,
they are all the dazzling blue summer steel editions, I have 3 of them, and
I don't see any signs of cracking or else wise on the comb.   From what I
understand, Seydel stands strongly behind their products, and I think (for
free) they will take care of the cracked combs.  You can contact Seydel at
www.seydel1847.com or at www.seydelusa.com  

Thanks again,


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