[Harp-L] Harp House Harmonica Podcast Now Available

Connor Frontera harphousepodcast@xxxxx
Wed Nov 30 08:26:27 EST 2016

Hello Harp-L, Connor Frontera here! I’d like everyone to check out my new
podcast that will have a new show each week. It will totally revolve around
the harmonica, and I will have guests on the show as often as possible.
Listen to and download the first podcast here
<https://soundcloud.com/user-527331314> for free and the social media
information will be listed below. For any questions, comments, and
inquiries, please contact the podcast at HarpHousePodcast at xxxxx You
can also email the podcast to let us know what events you might be having
in your area and I will surely mention them. Ad Space on the podcast is
also available. Thank you. I look forward to making this project much
bigger and addressing the community’s concerns.





Connor J Frontera
Harp House Podcast
Twitter - HarpHouse_

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