[Harp-L] harp with Zoom G1Xon

Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Wed Nov 30 07:44:42 EST 2016

Robert Hale wrote:
Any forums sharing patch sets?

It's possible that someone out there is sharing their patch configurations
for this device, but the fact is that Zoom doesn't provide any software for
saving or loading patch setups, single or bulk, into the G1Xon.  So anyone
sharing patch setups is doing it all by hand, and anyone using those setups
is also dialing it into their own device by hand.  Lotta work on both
sides.  It's also significantly less convenient for the owner if the device
breaks down and has to be replaced, or if the owner comes to rely on the
device and wants a ready-to-go backup.

Zoom makes good-sounding stuff.  I've produced patches on the G3 that are
practically indistinguishable from similar emulations on the RP, and I get
more orders for the G3 patchset now than for anything else I sell. The
G1Xon is apparently intended for an audience that's less interested in
sound design, which is fine, but professionals tend to need backups for
their gear, and the G1Xon wasn't designed to be backed up easily.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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