[Harp-L] Lubricant?

Sheltraw macaroni9999@xxxxx
Sat Nov 26 15:07:12 EST 2016

I think that whether one should use lubricant and which lubricant depends upon how much friction you have in your slider system and if the usual methods to eliminate the friction have not yielded the results you want. If you have tried disassembling and cleaning the slider system and you still think there is too much friction then lubricant can be very helpful. I will use some of Hohner's silicone lubricant when cleaning and proper assembly just isn't working well enough.

But before using lubricant I would exhaust all other methods of decreasing slider friction. Filing the burrs off the edges of the slide holes and back/front plane holes can be helpful. Frequent cleaning is also helpful. You don't always have to disassemble the slider system to clean it. Others here have mentioned methods to clean without disassembly. 

You should also check that the bumpers are not be squished between the mouthpiece and slider system thereby exerting a large normal force on the slider surface. Also make sure that the cover plates are not pressing against the slider system because that will often create large normal force on the slider as well.


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> On Nov 25, 2016, at 12:44 PM, Rich Eisenberg <catketch2 at xxxxx> wrote:
> What is the best lubricant for a sticky chromatic button?

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