[Harp-L] Free Harp Gaskets Experience

Brian Veditz btveditz@xxxxx
Mon Nov 14 20:45:35 EST 2016

I think Dee is onto something if the gaskets last and don't cause problems
in the future. I installed them in a Bb Special 20 with low mileage, my
practice Lee Oskar in A with many hours on it, and a Session Steel in Low
F# that has only been played a few times. The LO had recently been cleaned
in an ultrasonic machine that didn't help much.

With gaskets installed all the harps seemed more responsive and somewhat
louder. The biggest difference was in the Lee Oskar.  Recently it had
gotten less responsive and harder to bend but it is definitely easier to
play with the gaskets. I didn't experience the reed buzz that Richard
reported. The Special 20 played decently before but there was some
improvement. I saw the least difference in the Seydel's performance. I
would have tried another one for comparison but it's the only Session I

Well, that's my experience. Dee, thank you for the free trial and I'll be
in touch.
Brian V

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