[Harp-L] Low harps for 1st position blues

Larry Sandy slyou65@xxxxx
Mon Nov 7 15:42:55 EST 2016

I love low tuned harps for playing first position!  I use them a lot, perhaps more than other tunings.  The Low Low F and LLF# sounds good too but I don't find that I play them often.  Maybe they are too low to respond quickly enough.  Of course they won't punch through other loud instruments but mics take care of that.  I never liked playing my normal E harps much but love, love, love the Low E.

    On Monday, November 7, 2016 12:06 AM, David Fairweather <dmf273 at xxxxx> wrote:

 Just wondering if anyone out there in Harp-L land has been using some of
the recently available low pitched harps for first position blues ala Jimmy

I know Reed liked to use G harps, which were probably the lowest available
to him at the time.  The lowest harp I own is a Low C Hohner Rocket that I
won in the San Antonio SPAH Saturday night raffle.  Tried some 1st
position on that and I liked it!  But I'm really curious about some of the
really low harps.  I'm not sure how low they go, but I know they make a low
G.  Can someone out there with a really low harp tell me how they like
first position?  Those low Thunderbird harps aren't cheap!  But I'm


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