[Harp-L] Pentabender

David Fairweather dmf273@xxxxx
Mon Nov 7 11:24:15 EST 2016

Had a fun harmonica evening with Roger Myerson, inventor of the Pentabender
tuning.  The tuning is one of several theoretically possible pentatonic
tunings. (Fourkey tuning is another.) For me, what makes Pentabender
uniquely intuitive and easy to play is that on a C harp, all the white
notes of a piano are available as unbent blows and draws, while all the
black notes are available as simple draw bends.  If you read music the
Pentabender becomes very easy to sight read on!  I would say that anyone
interested in exploring Pentatonic tunings would be wise to begin with
Pentabender.  Of course every tuning has its pros and cons. The drawback
for Pentabender is limited range. You really need at least a 12 hole harp.
I'd love to have one of Brendan's Lucky 13 harps retuned to Pentabender.

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