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Sun Nov 6 19:28:42 EST 2016

Richard Hunter wrote: I used to put micro pore gaskets on my Lee Oskars. They definitely
improved the volume and overall responsiveness of the harps. I stopped
because. as blackie schackner had predicted, the gaskets collected lots of
crud over time. If the new gaskets stay crud-free, I'd certainly try a set.
Regards, Richard hunter

Richard, love your posts and work.  We were both on this list way back when when gasketing diatonics were kind of all the rage. But subsequently it became accepted that it was not the way to go.  Back then, I gasketed a bunch of harps and felt that it improved their playability, tho I never had a problem with the gaskets collecting crud.  I actually suspect that a normal accumulation of "crud" serves to improve the airtightness of a harp.
   For those who don't know, the one sided adhesive micropore (a not very sticky, thin, one sided adhesive bandage type tape) is laid on the comb, then the area at the reed chambers are cleanly cut out with a sharp exacto knife. I too thought it helped the air tightness of my harps and If I mbr correctly, it was said to be because the reed plates were not flat and therefore needed to be sanded.  Even Tim Moyers, an on-list customiser at the time who did more micropore fixes than anyone, later claimed that it was probably not the way to go.  Didn't you interview him about this on your website years ago?
Ron = FL Keys, USA

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