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Richard Hunter rhunter377@xxxxx
Sun Nov 6 12:48:23 EST 2016

Joe Leone said:

"Don?t think gaskets are necessary on diatonics. Chromatics? Yes. Sometimes
gaskets can help on wood combs."

Necessary or not, I repeat: micropore gaskets made my Lee Oskars louder and
more responsive.  For a while it was my standard operating procedure to put
gaskets in every Lee Oskar I owned.  I stopped because--like I said in my
previous post on this topic--the sticky stuff in the micropore tape
collected lots of junk, and it was difficult to clean up.

If that problem went away, I'd go right back to putting gaskets on the LOs.

Never tried a gasket on any other make and model, so I have no comment on
whether or not gaskets would help or hinder those.

Regards, Richard Hunter

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