[Harp-L] I have a Seydel Session "Mel. Ma. " tuned Bb harp to trade...

Joshua slocode11@xxxxx
Sat Nov 5 18:28:48 EDT 2016

Hi harp listers,

I accidently ordered a Seydel Session Bb in the "Melodic Maker" tuning instead of a standard Bb Richter tuned harmonica and would like trade it  off. I can't call this harmonica new because I blew through it for about 15 minutes but it has never been used to play a tune and comes with original box, leather case and dust cloth. I'll accept a Bb Suzuki Bluesmaster or Manji, Hohner Special 20, Blues Harp, Marine Band Pro "Modular System" (MS), Lee Oskar, Seydel "Session” or “Solist Pro" or comparable harmonica in used but very good condition.

The notes on my harmonica are as follows:

+1 = Eb, -1 = F, +2 = G, -2 = Bb, +3 = C, -3 = D, +4 = Eb, -4 = F, +5 = G, -5 = A, +6 = Bb, -6 = C, +7 = Eb, -7 = D, +8 = G, -8 = F, +9= Bb, -9 = A, +10 = Bb , -10 = C

The vendor says about this harmonica: "What is Melodic Maker Tuning? THIS IS NOT THE STANDARD HARMONICA TUNING! It allows playing major melodies easily in Second Position.  The raising of the pitch in channel 5 by a half step is repeated in channel 9. In addition, also the blow note in channel three is one whole-step higher. The result is that in Cross Harp (or Second Position) the first note in the major scale is the draw note in hole 2. "

Seydel says: "Melodic Maker This tuning is the combination of Country and Paddy Richter tunings; the notes are raised in pitch in channels 5 and 9. In addition, the blow note in 
channel three is one whole tone higher. Many melodies normally only playable using bends or overblows become easily playable with the Melodic Maker tuning. This tuning is available as a standard product in the eShop! "

Thanks, jl

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