[Harp-L] What key is the band in?

Tin Lizzie TrackHarpL@xxxxx
Wed Nov 2 10:53:32 EDT 2016

Oh, one other thing...

As the harp player, I usually end up standing off to the side when I play (them’s the breaks), and the vocalist (who typically gives the key) is usually positioned at center stage.  Before each song, I walk right to center stage and stand within conversational distance of the vocalist, so that when he or she tells the other band members what key the song is in, I’m within earshot.  Let’s face it, most of them instinctively don’t want to shout things across the whole stage.  And I wouldn’t, either.  Then -- the secret sauce -- if I still haven’t caught what key the song is in, I say, “Excuse me, what key?” and I stay in their space (nicely) until they tell me.

And when they do tell you the key of the song, say, “Thank you,” and go back to your spot.

Be sure to turn your mic down or off before you travel, so that you don’t cause a horrible feedback squeal right when you’re trying to be casually inconspicuous.

Tin Lizzie

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